CloudMosa Privacy Policy

Last Modified: December 3, 2013

This Privacy Policy explains what information CloudMosa collects about you, your usage, and what we may do with that information.

Information can be collected when you use CloudMosa apps (the “Apps”) and services (the “Services”). By using the Apps and Services you agree to the Privacy Policy. The Privacy Policy for the Apps and Services may change over time at our discretion without prior notice as we refine and add/remove features.

Information about You

For Puffin users, the app already provides 24/7 Flash support and has no In-App-Purchase items. There is no user account.

Furthermore, our system is state-less, i.e., once you quit the Apps and leave the Services, it is as clean as you were never there. In practice, there are ways to link your activities together by cross-referencing the logs. Nevertheless, there is no way to link back to your identity such as name, address or phone number.

Information about Your Usage

We log activities like the standard web logs, including the information in the TCP layer (e.g., source IP, source port, destination IP, destination port) and in the HTTP layer (e.g., URL, HTTP headers). The logs are purged from the worker-bee servers once collected by the log servers. Log servers analyze the logs and generate reports. Afterwards, the logs are purged. The reports have aggregated statistical data, which is insufficient to be cross-referenced to identify any individual user.

What We May Do with the Information

Logs are used for trouble-shooting and self-defense. Reports are used for business intelligence. However, excessive amount of logs and reports are expensive to maintain. We purge the logs frequently, and keep the reports forever. Logs are only used internally, where recent reports are sometimes used externally, e.g., for fund-raising due diligence.

No Log on Web Page Contents

Though, the URLs of the web pages are logged, the contents of the web pages are not logged. In fact, the contents will never be logged, and this policy will be strictly enforced. However, be aware of the possibility of surveillance by intelligence agencies in your home country and our home country.